Jul 31

I was asked how mediums see spirits, yesterday via my blog.  If they were asking about mechanisms, then it is hard for me to explain, but I will tell you how I actually see them.

When I am working with spirit and I have tuned in to my higher consciousness, I start to get visions of spirits and pictures like a jigsaw puzzle which seem to make up a full picture after a while.

I see the images as though there is a television screen inside my brow.  The images come and go very quickly on the whole but sometimes they seem to stay a while.

When I have tuned in to my sitter’s loved ones there is usually a particular one that stays for most of the reading, whilst others come and go briefly.

Whilst I am seeing the images come and go I also get feelings and emotions which seem to go together.  There is also sometimes a scent or odour and the sense of pain the spirit felt when on the material plane.

I am lucky in that whilst all this is going on I also get thoughts impressed upon my mind, which I relay to my sitter.

There are also voices.  Some call their own name.  Others may call my sitter’s name.  It is sometimes the name of a third person which they call.  It is up to me to sort it out.  They also tell me things.  I here about places and things they used to do.

Often the communicator will tell me what is going on in my sitter’s life.  They offer advice too.  Of course it is up to the sitter if they want to follow that advice!

I usually find that most of the information comes together eventually.  It seems to go full circle and make sense to my sitter if not to me.  That’s the important thing.

There is a combination of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience going on.  This is in my case. I cannot speak for others.

It is all about proving life after death and giving the living a reason to live life to the full.  All in the knowledge that we all meet up again in the Spirit World.

Jul 30

You have probably heard of cold reading and this sadly is what some so called psychics/mediums do. They read you and your demeanour.

Unfortunately, there are lots of fakes out there. As in all areas of life, there are those who do not have the gift but pretend to, in order to show off, or even worse, to cheat you out of your money. There are many people who make money from the misery of others. These are not spiritual people and this is why you need to be discerning about who you go to see for your reading.

Cold reading is one way some people work. Guesswork is not far behind it. Also, gossip can be used and embroidered upon to make up a supposed message, by some ignorant beings; those who should know better too.

A true medium would never stoop to such levels, and it is here that the need to prove life after death is important. A cold reader cannot tell you anything that could prove life after death, or anything about loved ones in the spirit world. A true medium is needed to contact the spirit world and get real proof for you.

A cold reader is someone who studies your body language and facial expressions whilst they are speaking to you. They look at things like wedding bands or the lack of, and for signs that you may have stopped wearing a ring. They observe you to see if you are nervous when certain subjects are mentioned, and play on the subjects where you are more responsive. They will also most certainly ask you probing questions and do what I called ‘fishing’.

Unfortunately, even in a Spiritualist church there can be cold readers, fakes, and the downright self-deluded, although church committees on the whole try hard to deter these kinds of people.

The moral is, only go to someone who has been recommended to you for a reading. That way you will know they are genuine, but you should still not offer any personal information before your reading.

Jul 29
There is a difference between being a psychic and being a medium. Though you do have to be a well developed psychic to be able to work as a medium, communicating with Spirits. You can of course be a psychic being mediumistic.

In order to be a good medium, the psychic gift must be well developed and you need the ability to tune in to the spirit entities. Not everyone has this gift. It takes years to develop mediumship to a high degree. Dedication to sitting for spirit is a must.

Working in this way is not a game, nor indeed, is it entertainment. It is also not a way to get rich quick, or in fact, get rich at all. If you wish to make big money then this is probably not the life for you.

A medium can communicate with loved ones who are in the spirit world by using their special senses to pass on information to you from the loved one, to prove to you that the loved one still exists even after their bodily death.

Therefore, it does prove that there is life after death.

Everyone of us has psychic ability to some extent, but choosing to use it is always an option and never compulsory. Once the gift is developed, it can be a far more useful and interesting gift that can lead to other, higher, things.

A psychic can give you information that is gleaned from your aura, or from within the vibrations around you. The details given in the message will already be known to the sitter, because all their experiences in life are around them for a good psychic to read. A psychic does not connect to the spirit world at all, and therefore cannot receive messages from spirits.

You may not know at first if you are mediumistic or psychic, and this is not something that you get to choose, as you are either mediumistic or just plain psychic. Though some will say there is nothing plain about being psychic. There is something really exciting about mediumship though.

You will soon learn how to spot the difference between the two gifts, but just remember, you certainly have the psychic gift like all of us and if you are also mediumistic it is a bonus which you will become aware of during your development. First though, concentrate on developing your psychic ability.

Jul 28

Whilst in Canada I purchased several good books on the subject of dreams and dream interpretation.  I am really getting into it. There are common threads running through all the books of course and occasionally a few surprises.

I find it strange that they all talk of the old meanings and the modern day meanings. As our minds have evolved, so has our dream world.

As a child I had a frequently recurring dream. I had vivid recurring dreams during my early married life too. Now it is more often recurring themes. I can see how they have changed along with my life and maturity.

I am eager to hear of your experiences and beliefs regarding dreams in general, but also your themes and recurring dreams. Who knows, I might even write my own dream book.

A lot of mine are about communication and tend to involve phones and the like.  I can usually understand where they are coming from.  Can you understand yours?

As always, I look forward to your comments and input.

Jul 27

I have been asked to discuss the subject of mediums getting a headache whilst working psychically.

Headaches in this context are usually brought about by building up a lot of psychic energy, or power, as it is sometimes referred to.  Building it up and not using it up can cause a sort of tension type headache.

If a medium sits in the power or meditates, a lot of energy is built up and the medium usually uses it.  To prevent this sort of thing occurring you should always make sure you use it all up.

In my experience the best way to use up any unwanted psychic energy, is to ask spirit to use it for a good purpose.  At the end of my meditations and circles, I always ask spirit to take the left over energy and use it for healing, where it is most needed.

This method always works and you don’t get the headache.  It is important whilst developing to know to do this.  I spent many a weekend with a severe headache after my Friday night development circle at which I was never taught how to disperse the unused energy.

Try it for yourself and see how much better you feel!

Jul 26

This is just a reminder to those of you in the Sheffield, Yorkshire area of England.  My new Psychic Development Class starts this Tuesday, 28th July at 7.30pm.

If you would like to join us and have any questions then please email me at this blog.

You are welcome to come  along and develop your sixth sense!  Whatever stage of development you are at, there is something for everyone.

Jul 24

Yes they can actually.  Not all will do it though.  And sometimes it is pure psychic energy that makes it happen.

The best way to utilise the tickling is to test out your guides to help recognise them.  For instance you may be sitting in the power or just meditating and you begin to feel a tickle.  You may ask your guide if it is they who are responsible.  

You have to set out a good test of recognition such as saying to the guide ‘if it is you will you stop’.  If the tickling than ceases then you can assume it is the guide.  If it continues it is probably just psychic energy which has built up.

When you are working psychically or mediumistically and you get a tickle on your nose or hair etc you can say is that you….?  If it stops then it is most likely that your assumption is correct.

It is though a very usual occurrence whilst building up spirit energy.

Jul 23

Sitting in the power is something mediums do to build up the energy , often before working or giving a reading. It can also be used by anyone who wishes to feel the peace which comes from the spiritual energy.

It is good for mediums to meditate for this is the way to contact guides and learn from them.  It is also a good way to test out your communications with your guides.

The best way to achieve your goal is to play some really good meditation recordings, such as Buddhist chants.  Close your eyes and go through the opening process.  When the chakras are opened you should just sit quietly and feel the power.

Drink in the atmosphere and you will really feel the power that builds up around you. 

When you have finished sitting in the power it is a good idea to ask for the energy which as built up to be used as healing for an absent loved one.  That way you will not be trouble by unused energy.

You will soon benefit from sitting in the power if you do it regularly for a few weeks.  Enjoy!!

Jul 22

The answer to this question is variable.  It is very rarely the same from spirit to spirit.  It all depends on the extent of the particular spirits development prior to this material life.

To explain a bit more you need to be able to understand that we are all spirit, and all of us come from the spirit world, which is our home.  Just like on this material plane, some are more highly developed than others.

You are born into this earthly life as you leave the spirit world in your search for your purpose.  The purpose being to evolve into as high a spiritual being as possible.  You may not be able to achieve all you want in this life but will carry on your evolvement when you get back home to spirit.

As you die and take your transition to the higher side of life, you are born once more back home in the Spirit world.  Your search continues for the truth and for spiritual evolvement.

Having said all this, it means that some will be highly developed in psychic work, and will therefore be able to communicate with loved ones back here on earth pretty soon after taking their transition.

Others will not be psychically aware and therefore it will take them a lot longer to communicate.  They may have to communicate via another spirit.  This often happens when a spirit will bring along another and pass the information along.

You may go for a private reading as soon as you feel the need.  Just don’t sit and plead for the one person to come through or you may be disappointed.  Go with an open mind and see what happens.  If you are inspired to go for a reading it may be because your loved on is inspiring you.

Enjoy your search!

Jul 21

A fully developed sixth sense brings this gift within your capabilities. Clairaudience is the ability to hear clearer, or to hear things that those without the developed gift cannot hear.

Clairaudience occurs when the sixth sense is developed to such a degree that allows thoughts and words to be heard within the head. This is subjective, as opposed to the objective sounds that the average human ear picks up from outside the mind.

The thoughts and sounds seem to just be there and the receiver suddenly appears to know the information as though it were imprinted within the head. A clairaudient may say to you ‘I hear a man saying,’ but they do not hear it objectively. A Spirit does not have a physical body with which to make audible sounds.

A clairaudient medium will gather all the information which comes into their head and relay the message to the sitter.  Lots of information can be gleaned in this manner and it is popular with sitters who sometimes think that the medium is actually listening to the voice of their loved one. This is not so, but the message is still in fact given to the medium by their loves one.

Clairaudience is not used for fortune telling. Remember, the future is not a medium’s responsibility: the past and the present are.

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